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Introducing our new book for climate activists, community organizers and engaged citizens

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Written by the experienced intersectional youth climate justice organizers at Shake Up The Establishment, this book provides a guided experience for readers to explore and play with our Rest, Recovery and Resistance (3RS) framework, a spin on sustainability’s well-known slogan “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”. By making time for rest, promoting recovery from burnout, and celebrating sustained acts of resistance, this book helps to facilitate radical dreaming and imagination beyond current systems. To support progress towards actualizing shared visions for just, equitable, climate-resilient futures, this self-published organizer's manual features 244 hand-illustrated pages rich with activities and educational resources that guide readers on how to incorporate intersectionality, systems-thinking and anti-colonial practices within their climate solutions work.

Check out the community gatherings celebrating our launch!

These images are from the Climate Dreaming Journal book order pre-launch event in Toronto on October 10, 2023. Photos by Zaki Farow (@zfarow)

Words from the creators

I am so proud to work alongside such a passionate, dedicated & creative team that collaboratively brought this never-before-done initiative to life. SUTE’s grounding framework throughout this work - Rest, Recovery, Resistance (the 3Rs), is inspired by the Healing Justice framework, the decolonizing wellness movement, emerging experiences of fellow organizers during peak moments of the COVID-19 pandemic, and teachings stemming from my positionality as a Sikh woman, namely the spirit of Chardi Kala. This book is not only the most fun learning tool for yourself on critical topics necessary for inclusive and meaningful activism, but it is also self and community care-enriched, ensuring sustained and impactful engagement in the movement. Check out the excerpt below to learn more about the 3Rs framework behind this book!

Manvi Bhalla,
Co-Founder and President of SUTE

Imagine a reflective journal, activist’s handbook and book of poetry all rolled into one dreamy, hand-illustrated package. This journal is for anyone who dreams of a better collective future and is ready to take action towards it. It shakes up what it means to be an engaged citizen.

Janaya Campbell,
Co-Founder and Director of SUTE

This Climate Dreaming Journal is a collaborative and creative offering of love! It has been so inspiring to feel first hand the care and dedication that went into this process from so many folks at SUTE. To now witness the culmination of our collective knowledge, lessons, special seasonings, and tid-bits from our hearts is truly so wonderful to see. I hope that everyone who moves through this journal feels the passion, fun, and intention weaved throughout it, and can really dive into these crucial practices of rest, recovery, and resistance for yourself and your communities.

Celeste Alcena,
Righting History Writer & Researcher


"A gift to every human rising to meet the moment. Our ancestors and future generations rejoice over our commitment to rest, recovery and resistance practices and teachings found in this journal. This collective work will build new worlds, filled with joy and ease."

Janelle LaPointe, Climate Justice & Indigenous Rights Organizer and Co-lead Mobilization & Engagement, David Suzuki Foundation

About the Climate Dreaming Journal



Functioning as a love letter from the SUTE team, this hand illustrated 244-page long book features:

  • 40+ interactive activities & prompts centring rest, recovery and resistance & collective dreaming

  • Evidence-informed readings and reflective activities

  • Resource compilations that further critical understandings of justice, decolonization, mental health awareness, intersectionality and systems-thinking

  • Creative written work centring intersectional lived experiences

  • Invitations to find ways to engage in prioritize slow, intentional and relational community care

Why We Made This Book

Practicing Rest, Recovery, Resistance: An Interactive Dreaming Journal is composed of prompts, resources, and reflections that were developed with an immense amount of care and consideration for you, our community of fellow climate activists, community organizers and engaged citizens. By making time for rest, promoting recovery from burnout, and celebrating sustained acts of resistance, this journal helps to support radical dreaming and imagination beyond current systems.


We designed this journal to create opportunities for joy, reflection, and learning as we try to combat the mass occurrence of eco-grief across the climate movement. We want to remind young organizers that taking time for themselves to rest and recover is not only a necessity, but part of the resistive effort against the unhealthy working standards set by the capitalistic, colonial society we presently exist in. 


Many young activists are told that their hopes for a better future are naive or unrealistic, but through this journal, we want to remind them that radical thinking is what we need right now. Dreaming and hoping for a better future is a key part of challenging the very systems keeping us from it. Young people must take time to rest, recover and reimagine as we fight for a future in which we not only get to survive, but thrive.

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About the Journal
Why we made it

What You're Supporting When You Purchase This Book

We have invested almost two years of love, research, rest, and shared dreaming to self-publish this book with great intention and care. We went this route to allow for flexibility to ensure we maintained creative control and could work in a way that honours our grassroots origins. As such, pre-orders are critically needed to support the success of this work.


In early 2024, we anticipate having a few digital excerpts from various sections of the book available via our website to provide more accessible options to members of our community.

100% of all proceeds collected from journal sales will go directly towards sustaining Shake Up The Establishment’s Righting History initiative – an anti-colonial educational platform which strives to share stories of historical events, Peoples and knowledges/ways of being that have been excluded, minoritized and/or misrepresented in mainstream curricula and society. Presently, Righting History’s platform hosts the Active Learning Club (resource collections across a wide range of climate justice topics), digital resources (such as blog posts and a historical timeline), as well as other creative knowledge-sharing efforts such as this book! 


To learn more, please visit

Calling all Educators!

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Discover how to incorporate the 3Rs framework into your teaching with our free Teaching Guide. Empower the next generation of change-makers today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, the cheapest shipping we can get from Canada Post is using the extra small flat rate shipping box to ship across Canada. Unfortunately, the book is too thick to pass as letter mail, and the parcels are upwards of $20 if shipped based on their weight alone, so that’s why we’re going with flat rate boxes, which we are selling at cost to you as our $19 shipping option. We can fit up to four (4) books in one small box, so we recommend you coordinate placing orders with friends, family, and colleagues to minimize & split shipping costs.


For bulk orders over forty (40) books, we also offer discounted prices of $35/book (original price is $45/book) with the option to do free ground shipping, pending order confirmation from our team.


IMPORTANTLY, for orders above ten (10) copies, as well as for all international delivery orders, you need to submit the order form at the bottom of the page on and someone from our team will respond within 1-2 days to confirm your order and coordinate your shipment.

Bulk Order & International Delivery Request Form

A small volunteer-run team at SUTE is coordinating shipments for all orders, so we are asking that anyone wishing to order in bulk (i.e., over ten (10) copies), as well as those seeking international delivery, to please submit this form so our team can get in touch to coordinate, given your unique shipping needs.


Once you submit this form, our team will provide you with a quote, and once you approve and pay the amount invoiced, we will confirm your order is placed and process your order. Following that, we will provide shipping information. Depending on the nature of your order, this process can vary in time, so please submit requests promptly so we can get this process started as soon as possible.


NOTE (UPDATED AS OF FEB. 7, 2024): Bulk orders can offer discount prices; E.g. if you order 40 copies or more, the price per book is $35/book with free ground shipping within Canada.


Our initial response time is usually within 1-2 days of submission. If you want to follow up with any additional information after you submit this form, you can email


We thank you again for your interest in supporting our work!

Thanks for submitting!

We will get back to you in 1-2 days.

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