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About Us

Shake Up The Establishment is a non-partisan, youth-led, registered organization that aims to make credible, evidence-informed information readily available to the Canadian population to promote informed voting, advocacy practices, and political accountability surrounding human and social justice issues that are exacerbated by the climate crisis.


We collaborate directly with groups and communities working to address injustices, alongside our ongoing work towards environment and climate literacy, and most importantly, political action.


We are largely a volunteer-based organization but we offer paid positions with living wages when we receive ethical funding to do so, for specific projects only. We believe that there is a role for volunteering as a form of distributive justice and to counteract the influences of the non-profit industrial complex phenomena, but also recognize the importance of paying individuals for their intelligence, expertise and labour whenever possible.

Our Goals

To promote informed advocacy & political action by providing information on major political promises and decisions pertaining to topics underlying climate justice, including but not limited to environment, sustainability and climate change, in addition to social issues such as racism and discrimination based on gender identity, sex, sexual orientation and other social determinants of health, in a non-partisan manner, with evidence informed, credible information.

To demand a climate action plan from political leaders that will reduce emissions and waste production, promote renewable energy and conservation, and support structurally vulnerable, historically underrepresented and minoritized, and under-served communities above all else.

To hold the Canadian government accountable for their promises made towards human health and wellbeing, inclusive environmental protection, climate action, and the environmental determinants of health.

To educate and increase the public's understanding of climate justice-related topics by contributing to research in this field, and by disseminating information on these topics through educational resources, awareness campaigns.

To foster meaningful relationships and partnerships with key community stakeholders & ally organizations, expand and build on existing initiatives, and amplify underrepresented voices and stories.

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