Our Goals

To promote informed advocacy & political action by providing information on major political promises and decisions pertaining to topics underlying climate justice in a non-partisan manner, with scientifically-backed, credible information.

To demand a climate action plan from political leaders that will reduce emissions and waste.

To hold the Canadian government accountable for their promises made towards human health and wellbeing, environmental protection and climate action.

To educate and increase the public's understanding of climate justice-related topics by contributing to research in this field, and by disseminating information on these topics through educational resources.


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Shake Up The Establishment is an organization that focuses on promoting climate justice, through awareness campaigns and scientifically informed educational resource creation. We collaborate directly with groups and communities working to address injustices, alongside our ongoing work towards environment and climate literacy, and most importantly, political action.

We are proudly not-for-profit, entirely youth-led volunteers and do not have any partisan sources of funds.

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