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Why It's Necessary To Sign Up
For Our Newsletter

We‘re moving away from solely relying on social media as our way to reach you, as these platforms are not the best for hosting our work. Increasingly, algorithms and content regulation policies are selectively oppressing words/phrases commonly used in climate and social justice organizing. This negatively impacts our ability to connect you with exciting initiatives necessary for sustainable, equitable climate futures. 


We also want to do better at documenting the amazing work happening at SUTE and in the wider community with our partners. We prefer using this long-form medium as a method of meaningful storytelling that allows for community accountability and feedback for our work.


We will use this newsletter (quarterly at minimum) to share upcoming opportunities for volunteer and paid project opportunities. We hope this allows our members to remain engaged and up-to-date with available opportunities, while also respecting their need for rest.


We'll be in touch! Thank you for your support.

To unsubscribe at any time, please email or reply to the newsletter email with "unsubscribe".
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