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As a 100% volunteer-based not-for-profit, we rely on donations and grants to fund our work. Your donation is supporting immensely needed awareness campaigns, free educational materials for all Canadians and political advocacy, all led by youth!
Some major areas we need help funding include our:
  1. Amplifying Black, Indigenous, and Persons of Colour (BIPOC) Voices Fund - we are collecting money to be able to compensate BIPOC for written pieces on our website, and to be able to commission more work to further diversify and decolonize the viewpoints of our resources. We will provide transparency and celebrate the receivers of money from this fund.
  2. Anti-Oppression/Inclusivity/Anti-Racism Training - while we continue to learn constantly at SUTE, as all members participate in our weekly "Active Learning Club", we also want to ensure all new and existing members of SUTE are all on the same page with the basics on how to be an active, informed ally. We would like to employ a service with BIPOC facilitators to facilitate these teachings, and in order to fairly compensate them for their services, we require monetary help. We firmly believe this will help us in creating our best work - work that you all benefit from in the form of resources!
  3. Supporting paid internships for youth that cannot afford to volunteer - SUTE exists and thrives due to the dedication and labour of our volunteers, but due to financial constraints, many youth are unable to get involved in volunteering as they need some form of renumeration for their time. In order to ensure they get a chance to participate, and to ensure their voices are also heard as part of our movement, we want to make being part of SUTE more accessible to them. We will use this money to fund honorariums, mini-project grants (for short term, part time work), hourly wages or any other iteration best suited to the needs of both the task/project and the applicant. We will provide transparency about the receivers of money from this fund.
NOTE: You will have the option to choose to donate to SUTE in general (and we will choose where to best put the money towards) or you can direct your donation to one of the funds mentioned above, once you finish filling out the form below, and click the button to re-direct you to PayPal. 
OPTIONAL! Donate in someone's name, and we'll send along a thank-you e-card and let them know! What better way to show someone you care for them, than supporting a youth-led climate initiative working to ensure the future of our world? Sounds like love to us!
NOTE: We are registered as a non-charitable not-for-profit, meaning we cannot issue charitable reciepts for tax deduction purposes. This is because a majority of our operations do not require funding, but we ask for donations to be able to increase our scope, and provide more meaningful avenues of advocacy!
Psst: If you prefer to mail in a cheque, you can mail it to: 106-325 Winterberry Drive, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada L8J 0B6 or if you prefer to e-transfer us directly, please send it to You can still email us at and request a thank-you e-card if you wish! 
For any troubleshooting, or questions, feel free to contact us at

About Us

Shake Up The Establishment is a Canadian youth-led registered not-for-profit organization that focuses on promoting climate justice, through awareness campaigns and scientifically informed educational resource creation, in a non-partisan manner. We collaborate directly with groups and communities working to address injustices, alongside our ongoing work towards environment and climate literacy, and most importantly, political action.


We are proudly entirely volunteer-based and do not have any partisan sources of funds.

Federally incorporated not-for-profit (#1190975-4)

106-325 Winterberry Drive, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada L8J 0B6

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