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Infiltrate the System

Where Canada gathers to learn about environmental justice policy, news & calls-to-action


“Vancouver,” Urgent Call-to-Action!

In the next few days, Vancouver City Council will be discussing the proposed 2024 city budget. Use our toolkit to use your voice and remind them what our real priorities are – sign up to speak to council or send them a message with our proposed template!


Youth Climate Corps makes it to the table

A Youth Climate Corps (YCC) was brought forth in front of Parliament on December 4th by Victoria MP Laurel Collins. A YCC would provide training, good paying work, and set youth up for a career in climate resilience. Canadian youth need hope and a path forward. After a poll revealed 1.3 million youth are interested in enrolling in a YCC, it's up to the federal government to invest in supporting futures and making this a reality.

The New Deal for Toronto Act passes first reading, what does this mean for Ontario Place redevelopment?

NDP expressed concerns about this new legislation and how it makes exemptions for the project plans for Ontario Place like bypassing environmental assessments

Indigenous Climate Action released a new report about the lack of Indigenous representation in international climate policy discussions

A new report by Indigenous Climate Action is highlighting the lack of inclusion of Indigenous peoples in international climate policy, despite protecting over 80% of the world’s biodiversity. In order to make progress with reconciliation and conservation efforts, Indigenous peoples must not only be included, but they should be leading climate conversations domestically and globally. Click the link below to access the full report.

Canadian government will announce a new fund for to support low-carbon projects

The government of Canada is expected to officially announce that more funding will be allotted for more low-carbon projects. More information will come with the official government announcement.

Greenwashing at COP28: Near 400% Increase of Fossil Fuel Lobbyists in Attendance

An unprecedented 2,456 fossil fuel lobbyists attended the climate talks – compared to 636 the year prior – where at least 35 people were part of Canada's official delegation, compared with 8 in 2022. Whose voice is being prioritized?

Canadian government overturns single-use plastic ban after oil industry lobbying

The federal government officially banned single-use plastics on the grounds of “toxicity,” back in December, but after plastics manufacturers, including Dow Inc and Imperial Oil, lobbied the government, the ban is now overturned.

Map the System

Climate activism is all over the country. Visit Map The System to find a climate justice initiative near you!

If you are part of a group, be sure to add your info in this database so others can find you.


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Infiltrate the System is a curated community information board run by youth leaders in our “Shake Up Your Community” program. We highlight emerging news, calls-to-action and policy interventions that address community-identified climate justice needs. Email us your actions via!


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