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Where Canada gathers to learn about environmental justice policy, news & calls-to-action


Action of the Week

The Fraser River is the longest river in BC and it's vital for wild salmon. It’s also where FortisBC wants to expand its Tilbury LNG terminal. Help us defend the water!


California is suing Big Oil over climate 'deception.' Could the same happen in Canada?

Big Oil lied. They knew about the risks of burning fossil fuels and actively deceived the public. Fossil fuels keep making record profits at the expense of people, planet, and more-than-humans. California is now suing big oil companies – could we do the same in Canada?

Doug Ford reverses Greenbelt decision

Apologizing for breaking his promise not to touch the protected area, Ontario’s premier said the process of opening Greenbelt land to development was ‘too fast’

Thorold City Council Votes Down New Gas Plant!

During a meeting this week, the Thorold city council voted against the development of a new gas plant by Northland power, effectively shutting down the project due to the provincial requirement of municipal approval.

Report quietly published by Ontario government finds number of extreme heat days to triple

Published 8 months ago, the report was only made public in mid-September. The report says that Ontario will be highly impacted by climate change in the next decades, citing extreme heat as a reason for crop failure

What Allowed a $7,000 Rent Increase: Call for Rent Control in Ontario

Buildings after 2018 are susceptible to unregulated rent increases which allowed landlords to increase rent on 2 bedroom unit to $9,500 monthly. This has sparked a necessary call to action to advocate for stronger rent control.

New Brunswick to consider climate change in its forest-management strategy

The New Bruswick government will be taking climate change into consideration for the first time as they create forest management strategies.

Map the System

Climate activism is all over the country. Visit Map The System to find a climate justice initiative near you!

If you are part of a group, be sure to add your info in this database so others can find you.


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Infiltrate the System is a curated community information board run by youth leaders in our “Shake Up Your Community” program. We highlight emerging news, calls-to-action and policy interventions that address community-identified climate justice needs. Email us your actions via!


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