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Written by the experienced, intersectional, youth climate justice organizers at Shake Up The Establishment (SUTE), Practicing Rest, Recovery, Resistance: An Interactive Dreaming Journal (ISBN: 978-1-7381367-0-4) enlists readers to explore and play with SUTE’s Rest, Recovery and Resistance (3RS) framework. A spin on sustainability’s well-known slogan “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”, the new 3RS focuses on investing in the changemakers of the environmental movement themselves– particularly equity-deserving youth mobilizing for climate justice– to ensure the long-term sustainability of this necessary front-line work amidst co-occurring crises and capitalism.

Moving towards actualizing shared visions for just, equitable, climate-resilient futures, this book (or rather, we see it as a love letter from SUTE to the wider community) is a must-have for climate activists, community organizers and engaged citizens alike. Featuring 244 hand-illustrated pages rich with thoughtful activities, critical resources and dreamy creative pieces, this journal functions as an organizer’s manual that guides readers on how to incorporate intersectionality, systems-thinking & decolonial practices within their climate solutions work.

Practicing Rest, Recovery, Resistance: An Interactive Dreaming Journal

  • 978-1-7381367-0-4

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