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3Rs Teaching Guide

Updated: 6 days ago

Calling all climate-justice-engaged educators! If you are interested in adapting our new book, Practicing Rest, Recovery, Resistance (3Rs), into your curricula or professional development contexts, our free Teaching Guide can support you. We created this guide so you can easily glimpse through the teachings and activities offered by our 3Rs framework and see if it's a good fit for your educational setting.

Our 3Rs framework is created by youth, for youth. By incorporating the 3Rs into your curricula, teachings and broader professional development contexts, you are more effectively teaching the next generation of change-makers to create healthier, life-long, sustainable community engagement practices. All of this is informed through an intersectional feminist, anti-colonial embodied ethic of care, benefiting themselves and the interconnected world around them.

Download our Teaching Guide for free by clicking the link below!

3Rs Teaching Guide_Apr09 2024
Download PDF • 94.70MB

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