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Director of Donor Relations - Board of Directors

  • Actively seeking and supporting opportunities to generate funding for the organization through creative and ethical means and sources, in accordance with our team’s values

  • Serving as an active public ambassador for the organization, who seeks opportunities to share and represent the organization’s mission, values and priorities to potential funders

  • Leveraging existing networks and establishing new connections on behalf of the organization to bolster fundraising efforts and progress fund-generating efforts

  • Responsible for supporting the Chief Development Officer and Director of Funding in providing connections to known networks and resources to secure partnerships and financial resources that align with the organization's mission, values and ethical priorities

  • Engaging in opportunities to learn and contribute to the organization's vision, policies, goals and to support our growth toward securing sustainable, long-term funding partnerships

  • Championing youth-led efforts in this space, and ensuring that funding sources/funders honour our authentic diverse voices and necessary programming priorities throughout all stages of funding relations, i.e., centring flexible funding that helps to address community-identified needs above programming shaped to meet funder-identified needs

  • Attending quarterly Board meetings and participating in decisions that require voting member representation on an as-needed basis

  • Contribute to the organization's Annual Report in collaboration with other members of the Board

  • Attending the Active Learning Club (ALC), a monthly learning that is mandatory for all members of the organization

  • Completing any and all additional mandatory onboarding training and seeking opportunities to continue educational and professional development trainings on topics and skills relevant to their work contributions in our space, alongside JEDI priorities

  • Upholding the legal duties and laws regarding nonprofit governance, including adhering to SUTE bylaws, policies, and board resolutions

  • We strongly encourage you to make clear any additional qualifications you possess which are relevant to be considered in the context of our Board of Directors

  • Multilingual ability with French and English, but also additional spoken, written and sign languages is considered an asset

  • We strongly value abilities to work collaboratively with others, maintaining confidentiality as needed for projects and deliverables that require it and good organization skills

  • Any academic background welcome; In particular, transdisciplinary backgrounds and those with traditional, ancestral or cultural ways of knowing are assets we value which critically contribute towards the richness and impact of our work

  • Excellent communication skills and time management, particularly when working with those in different timezones and in an exclusively virtual environment

  • Previous experience as a community organizer, working with registered non-profits and/or community groups is highly valued

  • Must be technologically proficient (or a quick learner), and needs to have access to a device to engage in our work - however we encourage you to apply and if you are experiencing accessibility barriers for this, please reach out and we will do our best to accommodate this

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