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Voting 101

Feeling overwhelmed by elections content and resources? The SUTE team has compiled a few key resources to get you on your way to becoming an informed voter!

Watch 'Election 101'

Learn about voter registration and what to expect at the polls through our 2019 video 'Election 101', available here:

Register to Vote

If you are an eligible voter, the next thing you want to do is register to vote. Online registration ends September 14th but you can also register at the poll. To learn more and to register online, visit:

Review our Party Platform Comparison Chart

Our team has sorted through the Liberal, Conservative, NDP, Green, and Bloc Québécois party platforms so you don't have to! To see a summary of the parties' stances on climate and social justice issues, visit:

Use the CBC VoteCompass

Still unsure which political party is most aligned with your values? Check out the CBC VoteCompass:

Find Your Local Candidates

Now that you have a general idea of which party you align with, find out who is representing that party in your electoral district. This is the person you will be voting for so be sure to compare their local platform to the other candidates in your electoral district. To find your electoral district and the candidates running, visit:

Continue Learning with SUTE

SUTE has many other elections and politics resources available to support your continuous learning!

For information specific to the upcoming 2021 federal election, visit:

For general information about politics, visit:


On September 20th, 2021, or in advance, vote in the federal election! #NotVotingFckingSucks

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