Here, we outline each party's emissions target, and broad commitments towards achieving them, including carbon pricing and stances on subsidies.


*2005 Emission Levels = 731Mt


Paris agreement targetsdecrease GHG emissions

by 30% below 2005 level by 2030.

GHG = Green House Gas

Mt = Megatonnes


Compare Political Platforms

This is a summary of the climate and environmental action promises and platforms of the five major political parties in Canada. It is updated regularly to the best of our abilities with the information available. 

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Please note that we will not be grading these platforms, or ranking the parties at this time. 

Last updated: Friday, October 4, 2019



Here, we outline each party's stance on addressing oil & gas production, as well as pipelines, fracking, and more.

2017 GHG emissions: The oil and gas sector was the largest source, accounting for 27% of Canada's annual emissions. 

Import and Export:

Legislative changes:


Fossil Fuel Subsidies:



Here, we outline each party's stance on transportation, including public transit, government and commercial fleets, electric vehicles and more.

2017 GHG emissions: The transportation sector was the second largest source, accounting for 24% of Canada's annual emissions. 


EV = Electric Vehicle

ULEV = Ultra Low Emission Vehicle

ZEV = Zero Emission Vehicle

Public Transport:

Consumer Incentives:

Commercial Freight:


Legislative changes:



Here, we outline each party's stance on the energy grid, and industries such as chemical and mining.

2017 GHG emissions: Combined, the electricity and heavy industry sectors accounted for approximately 20% of Canada's annual emissions.



Here, we outline each party's stance on waste, water rights, agriculture, conservation and forestry.

2017 GHG emissions: Combined, the waste and agriculture sectors accounted for approximately 14% of Canada's annual emissions. 


CEPA = Canadian Environmental Protection Act










Waste Goals:


Research and Protection Agencies:







Environmental Rights:


Here, we outline each party's stance on supporting communities, buildings, homes, and the creation of jobs pertaining to the climate crisis.



Community Integration:

Green Jobs:

Knowledge Translation:

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