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Elections Coordinator (SUYC)

Time commitment: Minimum 3-5 hours/week volunteer commitment


  • Maintaining a vigilant oversight on the latest developments regarding Canadian Politics, specifically regarding upcoming elections (local, provincial/territorial, federal).

  • Researching & writing political content as it pertains to a variety of SUTE's initiatives (blog posts, new resources, report summaries, etc.)

  • Proactive managing of public facing relations through upkeep of email inboxes, website contact forms, social media DM's, tags, and comments.

  • Fostering relationships with the organization's audience and partner organizations through political content creation and engagement.

  • Attending the Active Learning Club (ALC), which is a monthly meeting (mandatory for all members of Shake Up The Establishment) where we continue one's on-going education on climate and social justice issues in our society, to consistently decolonize our activism and strive to practice better allyship. The structure of the ALC is 2 hours of individual reading/viewing material per month, with a meeting to discuss the material.


  • Multilingual ability with French and English, but also additional spoken, written and sign languages is considered an asset

  • We strongly value abilities to work collaboratively with others, maintaining confidentiality as needed for projects and deliverables that require it and good organization skills

  • Any academic background welcome; In particular, transdisciplinary backgrounds and those with traditional, ancestral or cultural ways of knowing are assets we value which critically contribute towards the richness and impact of our work

  • Excellent communication skills and time management, particularly when working with those in different timezones and in an exclusively virtual environment

  • Previous experience as a community organizer, working with registered non-profits and/or community groups is highly valued

  • Must be technologically proficient (or a quick learner), and needs to have access to a device to engage in our work - however we encourage you to apply and if you are experiencing accessibility barriers for this, please reach out and we will do our best to accommodate this

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