Director of Communications - Communications Department

Time commitment: Minimum 3-5 hours/week volunteer commitment, in addition to active learning club (details below).


  • Overseeing content creation and maintaining the organization’s content calendar.

  • Ensuring that the organization’s voice and aesthetic is maintained in all published work following guidelines from our brand kit and best practices found within our writing guide.

  • Creating workflows for media creation where necessary.

  • Attending weekly meetings with the Executive Council, providing updates on completed and to-be-completed work

  • Attending the Active Learning Club (ALC), which is a monthly meeting (mandatory for all members of Shake Up The Establishment) where we continue one's on-going education on climate and social justice issues in our society, to consistently decolonize our activism and strive to practice better allyship. The structure of the ALC is around 2 hours of individual reading/viewing material per month, and a monthly meeting to discuss the material


  • Professionalism, ability to maintain confidentiality, and organization are strongly required skills

  • Excellent communication skills and time management

  • Previous experience as a community organizer, working with registered non-profits and/or in managing brands, public relations is highly valued.

  • Individuals with marketing, communications or advertising backgrounds and/or experience are encouraged to indicate this alongside their years of experience on their application.

In an effort to ensure that SUTE is composed of diverse perspectives and experiences, we are currently putting a preference towards applications from Black folx, Indigenous folx, and people of colour.