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Community & Campaigns Coordinator (SUYC)

Our Shake Up Your Community (SUYC) program provides volunteer and paid opportunities (where possible) to young organizers from various regions across what is currently Canada. The role involves engaging in local policy advocacy and coalition work as a representative of SUTE, which allows us to meaningfully support existing campaigns/local advocacy efforts across the country. These leaders will gain extensive experience in non-partisan policy work, collaborative campaigning and community-based organizing. Importantly, they will lead by example and demonstrate that young people care about being in the room and about being heard when policy is being made that determines what our future looks like.

We would like our team of Community & Campaign Coordinator for SUYC to have members from across all provinces and territories of what is currently Canada. While we welcome applications from all, we are hoping to have meaningful representation from Black and Indigenous peoples, alongside individuals belonging to the Asian diaspora– given the number of new immigrants underrepresented in policy-making work due to the lack of accessible opportunities for them to engage.

Responsibilities include:

  • Creating educational resources, participating in or co-hosting/ organizing workshops or events alongside community partners.

  • Attending solidarity events on behalf of SUTE.

  • Actively contributing to coalition meetings and network calls involving diverse environmental and justice-oriented nonprofits and community groups.

  • Most importantly– keeping a finger on the pulse of local politics and creating awareness-raising communications materials to support civic engagement in policy.


  • Attention to detail, leadership, and organizational skills.

  • Works well independently and is comfortable with working with a team in an online setting (Slack, Google Suite, Zoom).

  • Previous experience with social media management, environmental justice, and the non-profit/ charitable organization sector.

  • Knowledge of website design and/or Adobe suite design software is an asset, but not necessary.

  • Multilingual ability with French and English is considered an asset.

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