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Chief Communications Officer - Executive Committee

Time commitment: Minimum 5 hours/week volunteer commitment, in addition to Active Learning Club (details below)

Application deadline: Ongoing basis until filled


  • Completing thorough website and social media audits to ensure that the organization is releasing high quality educational content, consistent with our brand guide, writing guide, Operations Manual and mandate, as needed.

  • Developing internal and external communications workflows related to content creation.

  • Providing full oversight over brand and creative direction of organization, including all media outputs.

  • Supporting public relations work, including press releases’ oversight and media contact generation as well as providing input on public-facing presentation of our work and our organization.

  • Maintaining good relations with partner organizations for communications-related needs in collaborative projects and funded programming.

  • Innovating new and meaningful ways to continue to engage our audience in climate justice.

  • Participating in the Active Learning Club (ALC), which is a monthly meeting or asynchronous activity (mandatory for all members of Shake Up The Establishment) where we continue one's on-going education on climate and social justice issues in our society, to consistently decolonize our activism and strive to practice better allyship. The structure of the ALC involves individual reading/viewing of educational material, followed by a reflective meeting or task.


  • Individuals with marketing, communications or advertising backgrounds and/or experience are encouraged to indicate this alongside their years of experience on their application.

  • Experience with Adobe Creative Suite products, and examples of past work strongly encouraged to be shared.

  • Multilingual ability with French and English, but also additional spoken, written and sign languages is considered an asset.

  • We strongly value abilities to work collaboratively with others, maintaining confidentiality as needed for projects and deliverables that require it and good organization skills.

  • Any academic background welcome; In particular, transdisciplinary backgrounds and those with traditional, ancestral or cultural ways of knowing are assets we value which critically contribute towards the richness and impact of our work.

  • Excellent communication skills and time management, particularly when working with those in different timezones and in an exclusively virtual environment

  • Previous experience as a community organizer, working with registered non-profits and/or community groups is highly valued.

  • Must be technologically proficient (or a quick learner), and needs to have access to a device to engage in our work - however we encourage you to apply and if you are experiencing accessibility barriers for this, please reach out and we will do our best to accommodate this.

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