New Brunswik

779,993 (1)


Current Government in Power:

Premier: Blaine Higgs, Progressive Conservative Party
Number of Members of Legislative Assembly in NB: 49
Liberals: 20
Progressive Conservative: 20
Green Party: 3
People’s Alliance: 3
Independent: 1
Vacant: 2 (2)

Environmental Stance of Party:

During the last provincial election, the Higgs government committed to ensure responsible stewardship of the environment by continuing to meet the 2017 Climate Change Act targets. This includes “promoting smart growth, clean technology development and carbon sink management by working with industries, regulators, and crown corporations like NB Power” (3).

Percentage of 2020/2021 Budget Allocated to the Environment (Estimated):

Total budget: $10.2 billion
Total allocated to the environment: $52.717 million
Percentage: 0.52%

Main Provincial-Level Legislation for Environment Protection:

-Clean Environment Act (1973)
-Clean Air Act (1997)
-Clean Water Act (1989)
-Environmental Trust Fund Act (2011)
-Pesticides Control Act (2011)

Specific Government-Based Environmental Programs:

-Environmental Trust Fund: Financial assistance (2.5 million) aimed for projects that seek to protect, preserve and enhance the Province’s natural environment (1).
-Priority action areas for 2020-21 include increasing environmental awareness, addressing climate change and building sustainable communities (6).

Next Election Date:

On or before October 17, 2022

Extra information:

In December 2019, New Brunswick created an all-party climate change and environmental stewardship committee, the first of its kind for the province (8).

What makes this Province Different?

New Brunswick has implemented their own carbon tax, after initially opposing the carbon tax imposed by the Canadian federal government (5).

  Quick Fact:  

In 2018, the current Higgs government endorsed the 2016 New Brunswick Climate Change Action Plan (9).



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