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The Power of Young Voters This Election

Updated: May 31, 2020

This piece is authored by Megan Bureau, read her bio below!

This year, the Canadian Federal elections will be taking place on October 21, 2019. Historically, the prospect of politics has intimidated young Canadians who have, at times, been marginalized and/or belittled by older generations. In July 2018, Canadian youth aged 15 to 29 represented 19.2% of the total Canadian population (1). Surpassing 7 million in number, Canadian ‘Gen Zs and Millennials’ will constitute the largest voting bloc in the 2019 election (1). This year, we have the power to make real, legitimate changes to our governmental system and our society at large. If the young people of Canada come together and demand change, the federal government will be forced to listen. We need to make our issues their priorities.

Canada’s young people have an incredibly important duty to use their vote wisely to bring in a political party who has our country and our world’s best interests at heart. However, before one votes, one must first understand the power of voting. By using resources such as Shake Up The Establishment, a youth led organization, to conduct their research on each political party and their plans for the future, Canadians can become well-informed and vote according to the most pressing needs of Canadian society.

The Climate Crisis is the single biggest issue facing our world today. We are in the beginning of a mass extinction. For the last couple of decades, members of our population have demanded political world leaders to address these issues and take action to combat climate change. However, we have seen how older generations are unwilling to listen to our demands. Enough is enough. The time has come for the youth to rise up and take control of our world. The power of youth activism has already been seen around the world through mass school strikes and protests for the sake of the climate. It is empowering to see young people around the world lifting each other up and coming together to fight for our collective futures and humanity as a whole. As the Canadian federal election nears, we should be keeping the climate crisis in mind while we cast our votes for the next leader of this nation. Every vote matters. We have the power to change Canada for the better. Whether you are living at home or abroad, it is your duty to use your right to vote to take matters into your own hands.

Make your voice heard! Make your vote count!

Author Bio:

Megan Bureau is a freshman at Queen’s University and majors in Global Development Studies. She is extremely passionate about global issues, particularly the climate crisis, and recently founded a youth led organization called Conservation Conscience which is dedicated to fighting for Climate Justice! 

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