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SUTE's Independent Research Published in NWMO's ISRW Youth What We Heard Report

In Fall 2021, SUTE researchers organized 4 roundtables to facilitate conversations with youth community members to collect stakeholder insights on behalf of Wild Matriarch and the Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO). This work was conducted with the purpose of directly affecting and making space for Indigenous communities, intergenerational knowledge keepers, and racialized youth to share their voices, concerns, and solutions to radioactive waste management. Our findings were recorded in an independent report: Youth Perspectives on the Integrated Strategy for Radioactive Waste (ISRW) in What Is Currently Canada, which we are excited to share for the first time below!

An Integrated Strategy on Radioactive Waste (ISRW) Report on youth engagement: What We Heard Report (4): Youth Engagement, was recently published, including this important research conducted by Shake Up The Establishment referenced throughout. The Report was completed as part of an ongoing process by the the NWMO. The NWMO engaged with Canadians and Indigenous peoples about Canada’s ISRW through a series of engagement events, such as Technical Workshops, Roundtables, Community Engagement Sessions and Youth Engagement Sessions. These sessions provided the opportunity to share views on the priorities and options that will help to inform the development of an integrated strategy for the long-term management of radioactive waste in Canada.

The NWMO's What We Heard Reports represent the commonly heard themes from these discussions and are not a reflection of all the individual comments that were made, nor are they endorsed by Shake Up The Establishment. All of their reports are available in English and French. The executive summary of each report will also be translated into several indigenous languages and the report on Indigenous Engagement will be translated in its entirety. Visit the ISRW Reports Page to stay up to date on reports as they are published.


Youth Perspectives on the Integrated Strategy for Radioactive Waste (ISRW) in What Is Currently Canada

By Shake Up The Establishment, Oct 22, 2021

Authors: Aarisha Elvi Haider (she/her) & Rose Duncan (she/her)

Contributors : Manvi Bhalla (she/her) & Mei-Ling Patterson (she/her)

Designed by: Michelle Tieu (she/her), with edits from Alena Blanes (she/her)

Download PDF • 1.69MB

For any thoughts or feedback you wish to share, you can find us at

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