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Can I vote in the 2022 Ontario election?

Are you unsure about whether you can or cannot vote in this upcoming Ontario election? Let us help you!

Firstly, if you are not a Canadian citizen, you cannot vote in this election. If you are an international student, worker, permanent resident or tourist then you are not a Canadian citizen. Find out if you are a Canadian citizen here.

You can vote if you fulfil all of these requirements

  • You are a Canadian citizen

  • You live in Ontario

  • You are 18 years old or older

If you are from Ontario but currently living elsewhere for education, government or military purposes, you can register as an absentee voter here.

Before 23rd May 2022, you can register to vote online here. You will need to upload some ID showing your name and an Ontario address. Once you’ve done this, you will receive a Voter Information Card in the mail. Just bring this and a piece of ID with you to vote.

After 23rd May 2022, you can still vote but you must come to the polling station with a piece of ID showing both your name AND current Ontario residential address. This ID can take many forms, and does not need a photo. You can bring: any government document, a bank statement, a credit card statement, hospital records, a drivers licence etc. Check out the full list of ID options here. Remember that this ID must have an Ontario address.

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This post tells about the Can I vote In 2022 at the Ontario election. First off, you are not eligible to vote in this election if you are not a Canadian citizen. You are not a Canadian citizen if you are an international worker, student, permanent resident, or visitor. Find out if you are a citizen of Canada right here.

If you meet all of these qualifications, you are eligible to vote.

You are a citizen of Canada.

You're from Ontario.

You are at least 18 years old.

If you are from Ontario but are now residing somewhere else for work, school, or military obligations, you can register to vote absentee. That's why I will go to cast vote in…

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