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8,537,674 (1)

  Last Updated:  

January 1, 2021

Current majority government:

Premier: Francois Legault, Coalition Avenir Québec

Number of Members of National Assembly in QC: 125 

  • Coalition Avenir Québec: 75

  • Liberal Party: 28

  • Québec Solidaire Party: 10

  • Parti Québécois: 8

  • Independent: 4

You can find your representative in the National Assembly here: (2)

Environmental stance of majority party:

Some of the main environmental focuses of the Coalition Avenir Québec include the export of clean energy to other provinces and the United States. The Coalition Avenir Québec also focuses on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and is working towards Québec being more energy efficient and zero-waste. The party is also working towards a greener economy via the promotion of greener technologies and alternative energy sources such as investing in greener public transportation. (3)

Percentage of 2020/2021 budget estimated to be allocated to the environment:

Total budget 2020-2021: $112,807,000,000 

2019-2020 budget for environment: $265.5 million 

2020-2021 budget for environment: $322.4 million 

Total budget 2020-2021: $118,566,000,000 

Percentage of budget: 0.27% (4)

Main provincial-level legislation for environment protection:

Environmental Quality Act: 

  • Implements the assessment of projects that will affect the environment, and also insists that said projects must be approved by the Minister before they can move forward. 

Pesticides Act: 

  • Regulates the sale and use of pesticides in Québec, in collaboration with the Environmental Quality Act. 

Natural Heritage Conservation Act: 

  • Maintaining the natural heritage of Québec by protecting natural ecosystems. 

The Zero-Emission Vehicle Standard: 

  • Encourages automakers to produce and lease cars that run on greener energy. 

2013-2020 Climate Change Action Plan: 

  • The government of Québec’s planned programs and funding for fighting climate change. (5) (6) (7)

Specific government-based environmental programs:

Action-Climate Québec arises from the 2013-2020 Climate Change Action Plan and funds projects from Québecois which promote environmentally conscious behaviour and understanding of climate change. (8)

Québec’s Green Fund was amended in 2019 when the National Assembly was presented with a bill that re-centralized the focus of the Green Fund to projects that were producing direct results fighting climate change. (9)

Next election date:

On or before October 3rd, 2022. (11)

Extra information:

Five organizational groups were created as components of the Environment Quality Act and are responsible for analyzing projects in different regions of Québec (12):

  • The James Bay Environmental Advisory Committee

  • The Evaluation Committee

  • The Examination Committee

  • The Kativik Environmental Advisory Committee

  • The Quality of the Kativik Environmental Commission

What makes this province different?

Québec has implemented the Environmental Complaint Procedure, in which citizens are able to file complaints of activity that do not adhere to Québec’s current environmental laws. (13)

  Quick facts:  

Quebec’s Green Fund takes revenues from the carbon market to implement programs from the 2013-2020 Climate Change Action Plan. (14)

Increases in water temperatures in the East of the Hudson River, James Bay and the Gulf of the St. Lawrence will disrupt the natural balance of the marine ecosystems in those waters. (15)

Northern settlements and infrastructure in Quebec will be damaged and potentially dismantled due to melting permafrost. (16)

Since 1950, the Temperatures in Southern Quebec have risen by 1˚C and the trend is expected to continue in the future. This increase in temperature is expected to result in increased air pollution, heat waves, and longer allergy seasons. (17)

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