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  Last Updated:  

January 1, 2021

Current majority government:

Premier: Dennis King, Progressive Conservative 

Number of Members of Legislative Assembly in PEI: 27 

  • Progressive Conservative: 14 

  • Green: 8 

  • Liberal: 5

Find your Member of Legislative Assembly here: (2)

Environmental stance of majority party:

The premier instructed his cabinet ministers in his mandate letters to consider the climate impact of their portfolios and his government created climate change co-ordinators. (3)

Percentage of 2020/2021 budget estimated to be allocated to the environment:

Total budget: $155.8 million 

Total allocated to the Environment: $1.14 million 

Percentage: 0.73% (4)

Main provincial-level legislation for environment protection:

Environmental Protection Act (1988): 

  • Purpose is to manage, protect and enhance the environment. (5) 

Wildlife Conservative Act:

  • Provisions for the protection of species at risk and their habitats. (6) 

The Water Act (2017): 

  • Legislation to support and promote the management, protection and enhancement of the water resources of the province. (7) 

Plastic Bag Reduction Act (2019):

  • Prohibits a business from providing plastic checkout bags to customers. (8)

Specific government-based environmental programs:

Watershed Management Fund: 

  • Provides financial support to community-based watershed groups.

Wildlife Conservation Fund: 

  • Provides funding for the protection of wildlife and wildlife habitats.

Greening Spaces Program: 

  • Provides support to communities and schools for tree planting programs.

Small Marsh Program: 

  • Provides support to Island landowners to restore approximated 20 wetlands on PEI each year.


  • Energy efficiency grants and rebates for Islanders who are interested in reducing their energy consumption. (9) (10)

Next election date:

On or before October 2nd 2023. (12)

Extra information:

PEI has a climate change action plan that has a goal of reducing Greenhouse gas emissions by 30% below 2005 levels by 2030. (13)

What makes this province different?

PEI passed legislation in July 2019 banning plastic bags. (14)

  Quick facts:  

The current Progressive Conservative premier has called climate change “the seminal issue of our time”. This government is the first time that the Green Party has been the official opposition in provincial politics in Canada. (15)

The fragile sandstone shoreline is subject to immense coastal erosion following rising sea levels, which in PEI are already up 36 cm over the past century. (16)

Global warming is expected to warm the Gulf Stream as well as the St. Lawrence River, both of which are in close proximity to the island. This warming is expected to bring about marine life from the American coastline, including species that may disrupt the ecosystem of the island waters. (17)

Climate change could spell disaster for the potato industry - heat stress dramatically reduces the ability of the plants to produce potatoes. (18)

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