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New Brunswick


779,993 (1)

  Last Updated:  

January 1, 2021

Current majority government:

Premier: Blaine Higgs, Progressive Conservative Party 

Number of Members of Legislative Assembly in NB: 49 

  • Progressive Conservative: 27 

  • Liberals: 17 

  • Green Party: 3 

  • People’s Alliance: 2 

Find your Member of Legislative Assembly here: (2)

Environmental stance of majority party:

The Higgs government allocated $36 million to invest in climate change in the spring 2020 budget, during their previous minority government. They prioritized the funding towards energy efficiency programs, building infrastructure with green technology and community adaptation to flooding risks. They also created the Climate Change and Environmental Stewardship Standing Committee, which is a permanent, all-party committee. (3)

Percentage of 2020/2021 budget estimated to be allocated to the environment:

Total budget: $10.2 billion 

Total allocated to the environment: $52.717 million 

Percentage: 0.52% (4)

Main provincial-level legislation for environment protection:

Clean Environment Act (1973) 

Clean Water Act (1989) 

Clean Air Act (1997) 

Environmental Trust Fund Act (2011) 

Pesticides Control Act (2011) (5)

Specific government-based environmental programs:

Environmental Trust Fund: 

  • Financial assistance (2.5 million) aimed for projects that seek to protect, preserve and enhance the Province’s natural environment. 

Priority action areas for 2020-21 include increasing environmental awareness, addressing climate change and building sustainable communities. (6)

Next election date:

On or before October 18, 2024.

Extra information:

In December 2019, New Brunswick created an all-party climate change and environmental stewardship committee, the first of its kind for the province. (8)

What makes this province different?

New Brunswick has implemented their own carbon tax, after initially opposing the carbon tax imposed by the Canadian federal government. (9)

  Quick facts:  

In 2018, the current Higgs government endorsed the 2016 New Brunswick Climate Change Action Plan. (10)

In the next 30 years, sea levels are supposed to rise by 20cm in New Brunswick, which is quadruple the amount of flooding currently experienced by the region. (11)

Climate change could lead to a decrease in softwood trees, such as balsam fir, which makes up for 22% of wood harvested each year in New Brunswick. (12)

Also, the quantity and quality of drinking water available within the province is predicted to fluctuate. (13)

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