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1,377,517 (1)

  Last Updated:  

January 1, 2021

Current majority government:

Premier: Brian Pallister, Progressive Conservative

Number of Members of Legislative Assembly in MB: 57

  • Progressive Conservatives: 36 

  • New Democratic Party : 18 

  • Liberal: 3

Find your Member of the Legislative Assembly here: (2)

Environmental stance of majority party:

One of their guiding principles is environmental leadership through responsible management of resources, conservation and commitment to present and future generations. (3) Brian Pallister wants to make Manitoba Canada’s greenest and most climate-resilient province. (4)

Percentage of 2020/2021 budget estimated to be allocated to the environment:

Total budget: $15,110,594,000 

Climate and conservation: $145,114,000 

Percentage: 0.96% (5)

Main provincial-level legislation for environment protection:

The Climate Change and Emission Reductions Act (2007): 

  • Address climate change, encourage and help Manitobans reduce emissions, set targets for reducing emissions and promote sustainable economic development. (6)

Made-in-Manitoba Climate and Green Plan (2017):

  • Includes climate action in the transport sector including retrofits such as fuel-saving devices, as well as the use of a carbon savings account to meet a GHG reduction goal for 2018-2022. (7)

The Sustainable Watersheds Act (2017): 

  • Established to keep track of water quality, provide incentives to farmers who adopt practices that restore wetlands and retain water, and increase penalties for illegal drainage. (8) 

The Climate and Green Plan Act (2018): 

  • Programs and policies to reduce GHG emissions and address the effects of climate change, promote sustainable development, improve management and protection of Manitoba’s water resources, and preserve the province’s natural habitat. (9)

Specific government-based environmental programs:

Aquatic Invasive Species Program: 

  • Goal of slowing and/or preventing the introduction and spread of aquatic invasive species in Manitoba. (10)

Next election date:

On or before October 3, 2023. (13)

Extra information:

Find the Manitoba Sustainable Development annual report for 2017-2018 here: (14)

What makes this province different?

Manitoba is the first jurisdiction in North America to establish an economy-wide carbon savings account. (15)

  Quick facts:  

The government of Manitoba has been fighting the federally-imposed carbon tax since it was put in place, and has introduced their own carbon tax that will be in effect as of July 2020. (16)

Reduced and thinning sea ice in Hudson Bay negatively impacts indigenous traditions, seals, and polar bears. (17)

Climate change is causing simultaneous increases in flood risk and drought conditions, both of which are disruptive to the key driver of Manitoba’s economy, agricultural production. (18)

The disastrous 2011 flood cost taxpayers at least $1.2 billion and left a record 3 million acres of cropland in Manitoba unseeded. (19)

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