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Sustainable Merch

Step 1: Find an upcycled item, like an old t-shirt, tote bag or hat! If you don't have one you like, try asking friends and family, or head over to a thrift shop like value village and see if you can find one there.

Step 2: Browse through the pictures and pick your favourite design. Then, scroll past the pictures with models, and click on the black-and-white design that you liked, to download the slogan or logo of your choosing*.

Step 3: Put it on your upcycled item by:


  • Creating a stencil (print the image, cut it out and transfer it to the fabric with fabric paints, or sharpies - look up online tutorials for more advice!)

  • Bringing it to a direct-to-garment printer (as shown on our photos!**)

  • Get it screen printed, or screen print it yourself!


Step 4: Share your D-I-Y sustainable SUTE merch online, and use the hashtag #SUTE or tag us, so we can share!


In doing so, you are helping to spread awareness of our website, which will help promote more people to vote for the climate this election!

*If you would like a different colour, feel free to reach out to us via our contact page!

**We went to a local business in Guelph (called Harmony) that did DTG printing for us (it is sustainable, eco-friendly and printed to order i.e. no mass production— so they make it just for you and there is no waste)!


Through an exclusive collaboration, Harmony is willing to charge only $10 to print the front/back of a t-shirt with your chosen SUTE logo/slogans if you brought your own t-shirt in, but it has to be at least 60% cotton! You can drop a tee off to any of their locations in downtown Guelph (or same-day printing), Waterloo, Stratford, or Stone Road Mall to be sent off for printing at their downtown Guelph location. Then, pick it up at your preferred location at a later date. For full location info, click here.


You can also try finding local businesses that do this in your area!

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