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Climate Dreaming Journal Designer (RH)

Start/End Dates: June 1, 2023 - August 31, 2023

Compensation: A contract for $40/hr x 55.5 hr of work; can work flexibly across time frame of June 1 - Aug 31 to finish deliverables.

Shake Up The Establishment’s Climate Dreaming Journal initiative is inspired by a conceptual framework we’ve developed called, Rest, Recovery and Resistance (the new ‘3Rs’). Work under this framework is dedicated towards investing in the growth and wellbeing of climate justice activists and organizers, particularly youth. Our Climate Dreaming Journal is an interactive, guided experience for fellow community organizers and engaged citizens to partake in structured activities that centre upon making time for rest, promoting recovery from burnout and celebrating sustained actions of resistance. Our team knows from experience that these are all critical steps towards actively addressing and mitigating eco-grief and anxiety while also proactively centering a decolonized approach to mental health via community care.

The Climate Dreaming Journal needs the skills of a young and talented graphic designer to bring our vision to life.

Responsibilities include:

  • Collaborating with SUTE team members to understand the project’s design vision.

  • Helping us prepare virtual and print versions of our interactive journal alongside assets to be used for its promotion.

  • Producing a compelling journal cover that speaks to youth & is aligned with the team’s vision.

  • Applying creative graphic design skills to develop journal template layouts.

  • Ensuring formatting consistencies & publication-quality content.

  • Attending the Active Learning Club (ALC), which is a monthly meeting (mandatory for all members of Shake Up The Establishment) where we continue one’s on-going education on climate & social justice issues in our society, to consistently decolonize our activism & strive to practice better allyship. The structure of the ALC is 2 hours of individual reading/viewing material per month, with a meeting to discuss the material.


  • Experience working with Adobe Suite of products for graphic design projects.

  • Strong attention to detail, self-motivated, well organized.

  • Creative ability to find resolution to competing opinions & conflicting feedback.

  • Having a good understanding of accessibility best practices

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