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Evidence shows that a majority of the anthropogenic, ecological, and environmental damage to our planet has been done in the last 150 years (1). Since the technological advances of the Industrial Revolution, human activity on Earth has resulted in a significant increase in levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide, from around 280 parts per million (ppm) to over 410 ppm (1). In addition, in the past decade, these ever-increasing emissions have led to the seven warmest years on record (1,4).

We often hear that the climate crisis is ‘human-made' - indeed, unsustainable practices are built into our daily lives, from the way we eat, to our methods of transport, to our consumption of resources. It is easy to diminish the impact that any one person can have on the planet when looking at the entire population of over seven billion, but it is necessary to recognize that the lifestyle choices we make eventually have a significant collective impact on our world (2).This is not an accusation, or a way to place blame on any individual; instead, it is a call to rethink the choices we make as a nation of consumers and voters. Our present social, political, and economical structures have evolved to value short-term profit over long-term prosperity, and it is this mindset that we need to reconsider.

To reduce our global carbon footprint  enough to achieve positive climate transformation, we must adjust our economies and our traditions through meaningful action at the personal and legislative levels (2). For this, we need to not only see the climate crisis as a collection of scientific facts, but understand that this is an issue that was created through the development of human society and technology; therefore, the issue of climate change can only be solved through the reinvention of those very same societies and technologies (3). For individual citizens, this should be viewed as motivation to pressure governments and corporations into prioritizing the climate and providing environmentally-friendly options for its citizens. Proactive steps include helping to make climate-related information available to all, making environmentally-conscious shopping choices, and keeping our environment in mind during elections.

Who We Are

Shake Up The Establishment is a youth-led, registered (#1190975-4) national non-partisan non-profit organization that operates within the geographical confines of what is currently known as "Canada", but what is referred to by its First Peoples, as Turtle Island. Indigenous peoples have inhabited Turtle Island for over 10,000 years, and were the sole inhabitants less than 500 years ago. We acknowledge that our address resides on Treaty 3 land, and is the traditional territory of the Erie, Neutral, Huron-Wendat, Haudenosaunee and Mississaugas Peoples. Turtle Island is still home to many Indigenous peoples and we at SUTE are thankful to be able to live, learn and work on this territory, whilst continuing to create meaningful change for the climate justice movement. We are aware that our actions as an organization and the work we put out have an impact on our land, and on all that inhabit it. We are humbled to be able to follow the lead of centuries long Indigenous-led efforts towards the protection and stewardship of this land and the people that inhabit it. We are committed to continually evaluating & decolonizing our practices, and we do our best to incorporate the lived experiences of the land defenders and protectors within our work. We also want to honour the voices of Black, and non-Black people of colour within our work, and continually recognize their resiliency in the face of years of systemic oppression as imposed by the Canadian state.


Our enterprise is inclusive of all folx who call the geographical confines of what is currently known as Canada, home, and we celebrate the horizontal learning that comes from our diverse identities. As an organization, we will try our utmost best to ensure that only individuals with lived experiences are speaking on behalf of their communities, while still recognizing that Black, Indigenous and communities of colour as well as the LGBTQ2S+ community, are not a monolith. We firmly believe in accountability, and commit to being as transparent as possible in our activism space; to research our topics well, support and centre community care, and minimize any harm, no matter the intent. We have strict policies and procedures to uphold these tenets, and update these on a yearly (or as-needed) basis.

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