COVID-19 Care Tips


Citizen Science is one of the coolest new terms and actions across the research field! National Geographic defines it as “the practice of public participation and collaboration in scientific research to increase scientific knowledge”. Want to know how rising temperatures are impacting the amount of rainfall each year? Put a bucket in your backyard and let us know! Not sure you’re ready to start your own experiment yet? Check out some Citizen Science hubs like Zooniverse that have heaps of ongoing projects you can join!


Now we all finally understand why dogs love going for walks so much! Plan a morning, afternoon or entire day to head outside and take in your neighbourhood. Fresh air and physical activity are both wonderful things that we often take for granted. While practicing appropriate physical distancing head outside and give our SUTE scavenger hunt a shot! Let us know how your journey went by tagging us on twitter and instagram! Find our multiple scavenger hunts here.

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Ya know that whole COVID-19 thing we’re all going through? It's living history! The entire world is a part of this, and it will be talked about for many generations to come. Schools and workplaces are closed, sports are cancelled, and it only takes a day to get through Harry Potter. One thing you can do for yourself (and future you), is to keep a journal! Handwritten, typed, in photographs, pictures, poems, video… any daily medium of your choice. Record your daily events, games, naps, facetimes, feelings, etc. Need a prompt: “What were your feelings when you woke up this morning? What were they when you went to bed last night? Are they the same?” Save it and when this is all over, you’ll have something to reflect on... A tangible source of your own history.


Although it’s easy, fun and totally okay to find ourselves re-watching our favourite shows for a third time, it’s important to make sure you’re mixing up the rotation and finding new opportunities to learn. Documentaries are a wonderful way to do this! Find some options from Planet in Focus’s International Environmental Film Festival or the DC International Film Festival, which is now completely available online!

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As you continue to be a responsible social citizen and #stayhome… review some ways in which you can save energy and keep your carbon footprint low. Even though you’re wearing the same hoodie everyday, make sure you only wash full loads of clothes (and dishes). On your 6th morning trip to the fridge, think about what you want before you get there so the door isn’t open for a long time. Move your #WorkFromHome desk to the room in your home that gets the most sun! For more energy saving tips, start here.


Change the world without having to put on pants! As technology and social media continues to rapidly grow, ideas and efforts are finding many ways to go from local, to global. Sometimes you don’t need to be on the frontlines, or even burn a calorie to show you care. Research some local organizations you feel passionate about and see how you can show your support from home. It could be as simple as a small donation or just a facebook share! 

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