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 Shake Up The Establishment is a non-partisan organization that hopes to bring climate action to the forefront of the upcoming October 2019 Canadian Federal election. We want to help make Canada a leader in addressing the climate crisis by providing Canadians with scientifically-backed information on the issue to ensure informed voting. Given the emergent nature of the issue, we demand that political parties provide feasible plans for climate action, and are held responsible for executing these promises.

 We are proudly not-for-profit, entirely volunteer-run and do not have any partisan sources of funds.

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Our Team

Executive Council

Manvi Bhalla

Head of Operations

Cameron Fioret

Content Manager 

General Members


Christina DiCarlo

Political Content Researcher

Sam Paton

Climate Science Content Researcher

Resource & Media Creation

Clara MacKinnon

Social Media Content Designer

Chloe Graham

Educational Content Designer

Founding Members

Manvi Bhalla

Taro Halfnight 

Cameron Fioret

Janaya Campbell